Below you will find some press releases about our Reiki courses and Reiki treatments.

More press releases will be coming shortly.

If you are a publication and would like to review our Reiki treatments or Reiki courses please call or email us to arrange a treatment or level 1 and 2 course review.

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine July 2006

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine (July 2006)

"Reiki is a form of non-intrusive energy healing originating in Japan. Naturally occurring electromagnetic energy is chanelled by an 'attuned' practitioner. To become a Reiki practitioner takes just two days..."

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Natural Health and Beauty Magazine June 2006

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine (June 2006)

"Reiki shares are run countrywide to enable both Reiki students and spiritual people to meet up and explore their spirituality. For details contact the Reiki Healers and Teachers Society..."

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Positive Health Magazine March 2006

Positive Health Magazine (March 2006)

"Reiki is an increasingly well-known and popular complementary therapy. In Mikao Usui's day Reiki was used to treat conditions directly. The method we use for healing is through direct action on the condition."

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Healthy Magazine January 2006

Healthy Magazine (January 2006)

"Here are some tips on starting a new career in complementary medicine...without previous experience you can learn Reiki in just two days for around £300. "

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TNT Magazine Monday 18th July 2005

TNT Magazine (Monday 18th July 2005)

"Doctors are now recommending Reiki as a viable healing method and today it's practiced through the world by millions of people. A Reiki course will empower you to heal on a regular basis... "

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Health and Fitness Magazine July 2005

Health & Fitness Magazine (July 2005)

"More potent than standard Reiki, Active Reiki aims to treat the parts other healing systems can't...We channel energy at a specific frequency and amplitude and direct it at the part of the body that needs treatment. "

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The Enfield Independent (Wednesday 23rd March 2005)

"Four years ago Andy could barely walk. A keen kick boxer he developed severe spondylosis of the spine...he went on  to complete a Reiki level one and two course and used Reiki to heal himself. Now he is an experienced Reiki Master Teacher... "

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Natural Health and Beauty Magazine February 2005

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine (Feb 2005)

"Nicole Kidman is a fan so just what is so special about Reiki? We ask Reiki healers Andrew and Dawn Chrysostomou why they think it is so special. Reiki deals with the root causes of your physical, emotional and spiritual problems... "

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