Dawn Mellowship, author of Passage to Freedom will be hosting a book launch/signing event on

Saturday 29th March 2008

Venue: myhotel Bloomsbury, 11-13 Bayley Street, Bedford Square, London, WC1B, 3HD
Time: 3pm - 5pm & 5pm - 7pm
Entry: FREE

Dawn will be selling signed copies of the book and giving a brief lecture. For more information see www.dawnmellowship.com/events.htm

You are invited to the launch of Passage to Freedom, a book by author, journalist and Reiki practitioner and teacher Dawn Mellowship. Dawn will be selling signed copies of the book and giving a brief lecture.

Holistic taster treatments will be available to soothe your senses and those aches and pains, such as: Reiki, reflexology, Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage and Tarot Reading (Prices range from £10 to £20 depending on the treatment and therapist).

RSVP asap to Dawn at info@dawnmellowship.com
Tel: 0208 367 9158

Due to space limitations we can only allow entry to those who have confirmed attendance.

Passage to Freedom

Thousands are seeking enlightenment but few achieve this ultimate spiritual goal. Passage To Freedom, A Path To Enlightenment is an inspirational book with practical techniques to help the reader attain true happiness through spiritual growth. Dawn Mellowship's book provides meditations and healing techniques that work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, to provide the perfect remedy for finding happiness and spiritual fulfilment. They combine visualisation, intention, affirmations, controlled breathing, universal energy and healing to assist you to manage your anger, release guilt and worry, let go of the past, boost your self-esteem and love yourself and others unconditionally. Learn how to connect to your intuition to make better and healthier choices in life, and ultimately to find inner peace and balance.

Dawn Mellowship is an author, journalist, spiritual teacher, ethical stylist, web designer and a Reiki practitioner and teacher. Dawn has taught Reiki to hundreds of students from all over the world. The Reiki work of Dawn and her partner, Andy Chrysostomou, has been featured in a range of publications. In addition to her Reiki work Dawn is a freelance journalist and spent some months as the features editor of a women's lifestyle magazine called Tonic. She currently writes an ethical fashion column and contributes celebrity interviews to High Spirit Magazine. Dawn's ethical styling work has recently featured in the Daily Mail and The Times. Dawn Mellowship is also the author of five books.

For more information about Dawn's work see www.dawnmellowship.com

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Passage to Freedom by Dawn Mellowship
Passage to Freedom by Dawn Mellowship
Dawn's next book You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible is out on 24th April 2008