Talk at the Festival of Life Exhibition

On Saturday 1st September, Andy Chrysostomou and Dawn Mellowship will be giving a free talk about spiritual growth at the Festival of Life 2007, celebrating compassionate lifestyles and sustainable living, which is taking place at St Paul's Church (Steiner School), Islington N1 2QH. The Festival of Life brings together pioneering speakers on health, ecology and spirituality, featuring over 50 talks and workshops. The talk will take place at 4pm in the Water Room. Click here for more information.

Book Publication

Dawn Mellowship is the author of Passage To Freedom, a spiritual guide for life that illuminates the path to achieving happiness, personal growth and ultimately, blissful enlightenment. This is achieved through various meditation, healing, intention and visualisation based exercises, described in the book. Passage to Freedom is being published by O Books on 22nd February 2008. 

Dawn has also written an anti-self help, self-help guide, that offers alternatives to traditional self-help solutions. This will also be published by O Books, on 25th April 2008. More information will be available shortly. 

Andy and Dawn have written a Reiki guide, called The Essence of Reiki, which is being published by O Books on 30th May 2008. The Essence of Reiki gives you everything you need to not only truly understand Usui Reiki, but to live Reiki.

Myspirit Radio Show

Andy and Dawn appeared on The Wellbeing for Women Show with Sara Turner on Myspirit Radio this month, talking about how Reiki can help cancer sufferers with their illness, the side effects of their medical treatments and their emotional and spiritual well-being. You can listen to the interview here or on the Myspirit Radio website at

Reiki Video Blog

View Andy and Dawn's video blog below about Reiki.

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