A level 4 Reiki course is for Reiki practitioners who would like to teach Reiki courses and/or begin the later stages of their journey towards enlightenment and personal growth. This Reiki course will teach you how to be a proficient, responsible and universally aware Reiki Master Teacher who can effectively teach others Reiki courses (should you wish to do so).

Japanese Reiki techniques include: Reiji hado kokyu ho, hado meisho ho and jika joka ho. Become enlightened.

Course details

This Reiki course is taught over two days, is certified and a Reiki manual is included.

Cost £450 (must have completed at least Reiki level 1&2 and have experience of practicing Reiki)

Gokai, Usui-do lineage, Reiki Master Teacher - responsibilities, Usui Master symbol, final stage of the spiritual journey, 21 day cleansing process, reiju, attunement bio feedback, reiki attunements & giving attunements - theory, attunement methods, Usui Attunements- theory and practice, psychic surgery, Western and Japanese Reiki meditations, Explanation of Instruction for the public, Meiji Renno Gyosei, teaching Reiki, Reiki 1, 2, 3 and 4 syllabuses, 1 Reiki attunement and 1 Reiki symbol with this course.


After your level 4 Reiki course you will have the knowledge to be a highly competent and professional Reiki Master Teacher. You will understand the full responsiblities that come with being a Reiki teacher and the implications of this for your personal development and path in life. Your Master attunement will have dramatically raised your frequency, strengthening your healing abilities and increasing your intuition to enable you to help people effectively as a teacher (providing you have regularly self-healed). You will comprehend how to give attunements to students and will have practiced this on this course. You will understand what the Master symbol and level means, how attunements affect individuals and why various bio feedback sensations occur and be able to explain this to your Reiki students, should
you decide to become a teacher. You will have various Western and Japanese Reiki meditations at your disposal and information given by Mikao Usui himself about his vision for Reiki.

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