A level 1&2 Reiki course allows you to heal yourself and others effectively on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This course will furnish you with the techniques necessary to be an effective Reiki practitioner (if you choose to practice Reiki).

You will acquire greater clarity and focus and your spiritual awareness will be elevated. Learning a level 1&2 Reiki course combined is the best course of action as it allows you to work with the energy more proficiently on specific conditions.

Course details

This Reiki course is taught over two days, is certified and a Reiki manual is included.

Cost £300 (no entry requirements)

Reiki attunements, Reiki uses/history/lineage/ideals, seven Reiki levels, main hand positions, rei healing, rei shower, kanji hand positions, law (with regards to practicing Reiki), contra-indications, electric-magnetic healing scale, signs of release, grounding & protection, active & passive Reiki healing, Japanese Reiki techniques, bio feedback, Reiki symbols, koto dama, energy frequency/amplitude, correct drawing of symbols, Reiki symbol test, 21 day cleansing process, ten basic foundation Reiki methods, giving Reiki treatments, two consciousnesses, professionalism with patients, interview/treatment forms, Reiki method using symbols, Practice Reiki and distant Reiki healing, beaming, relaxation methods, 5 attunements & 3 Reiki symbols with this Reiki course.


After your level 1&2 Reiki courses you will be an effective Reiki healer who is able to practice Reiki professionally. You will have learned a great deal of theory behind Reiki ranging from its uses to the history of Reiki and its founder to how to use Reiki actively to directly work on physical and emotional conditions. The five attunements will have connected you to the external universal energy and dramatically raised your frequency enabling you to grow spiritually and heal yourself and others using Reiki as taught on the course. You will understand the contra-indications to Reiki in regards to certain illnesses and how to safely and effectively treat clients, incorporating vital preliminary tools such as the interview and treatment forms and byosen reikan ho scanning. You will know how to use the Reiki symbols and be able to draw them and understand their meaning. Reiki Level 1&2 is best learned in combination to enable you to effectively heal yourself through the cleansing process and beyond.

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