This Reiki healing workshop is for Reiki practitioners (trained up to level 2 in Reiki) who would like to learn how to use Reiki actively (as used by the founder Mikao Usui), to work directly on physical, emotional and spiritual conditions.

There will be opportunities to ask questions about Reiki in general clear up ambiguities you may have and you will allowed time to practice Reiki actively. Re-attunements will be given if necessary. Learn to use Reiki in the most effective way!

Course details

This Reiki course is taught over one day and a Reiki manual is included.

Cost £130 (must have completed Reiki level 1&2 with other teachers)

Scientific/medical explanation for Reiki, difference between attunements & reiju, what Reiki can be used for, Reiki lineage, kanji hand positions, the law (with regards to practicing Reiki), contra-indications, active & passive Reiki, Shirushi - Reiki symbols descriptions & uses, understanding and using Shirushi for spiritual development, interview/treatment forms, koto dama & jumon, drawing & using symbols correctly, giving Reiki treatments, hands on active Reiki, distant Reiki, re-attunements if necessary.


After your Active Reiki healing workshop you will be able to understand a scientific perspective on how Reiki works. You will be aware of the contrast between Reiki attunements and reiju empowerments. You will learn the difference between passive and active Reiki, how most practitioners use Reiki passively and how it can be used more effectively actively, by using the symbols correctly and directly working on the presenting condition(s). You will comprehend the need to draw the symbols accurately and connect to them in the correct way for proficient healing. You will be able to heal actively after the course and use distant Reiki actively to not only send healing in the present but the past to clear away pain from specific past emotional traumas. You will realise the importance of completing comprehensive interview and treatment forms that help you to establish how best to treat your clients in the safest possible way. If your attunements from your last course were not effective you will be re-attuned to the right level.

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