Active Reiki treatments not only provide a wonderful way to deeply relax, but much more than that, active Reiki works on conditions directly, whether the problem is physical, emotional or spiritual.

We vary the frequency of the energy we are channelling to have a direct effect on the presenting conditions.

Reiki treatments are non-intrusive, no massage is involved and the client remains fully clothed . We can work on any condition with Reiki.

How long do treatments last
Reiki appointments are for 60 minutes with the actual Reiki treatment lasting between 45-55 minutes, depending on the needs of each individual client. We complete comprehensive interview and treatment forms with you to establish the best way to help you. We charge £60 per treatment.

How can Reiki help me
Reiki provides a deep, profound healing that works on all levels. Reiki soothes away stress, promotes calmness and helps to clear away negative emotions and patterns of behaviour. Much more than this Reiki treatments can work on any condition directly.

We have used Reiki to treat hundreds of people with conditions and problems such as: cancer, sciatica, stress, depression, anxiety, back pain, sports injuries, nerve damage, torn ligaments, fractures, ankylosing sponylitis, ME, bereavement, broken bones, low self-esteem. Reiki treatments are also fantastic for clearing away pain caused by traumas such as rape, abuse and other emotionally traumatic experiences. We cannot guarantee a complete cure but Reiki treatments will always help in one way or another. We believe in working with doctors and will not contradict a doctor's advice.

We offer gift vouchers for single or multiple Reiki treatments. If you book multiple sessions discounts are available as below. Contact us for more information:

1 Reiki treatment £60
4 Reiki treatments £220 (saving of £20)
6 Reiki treatments £320 (saving of £30)
10 Reiki treatments £540 (saving of £60)

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