Home Page - We offer Reiki treatments, Reiki courses, stress management courses, indulgence days and Reiki for schools. We use Reiki healing actively, working directly on conditions.

About Reiki - Reiki is a healing system that uses naturally occurring variable frequency electromagnetic energy to work directly on conditions.

Reiki treatments - Reiki treatments provides a deep, powerful healing that works directly on helping to improve conditions on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki courses - We offer Reiki courses from beginner to master level in London and Enfield. Our Reiki courses are simple to learn and Reiki is simple to put into practise. Book a Reiki course today!

Reiki Articles - If you are interested in reading more about Reiki, why you should take our Reiki courses and Reiki treatments and what Reiki can offer you then take a look at our Reiki articles page.

Events - Author, journalist and Reiki teacher, Dawn Mellowship is running workshops revolving around her forthcoming book Passage to Freedom, out on 22nd February 2008. Passage to Freedom is being published by O Books along with her second book, You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Stress - Everyone is effected by stress to some degree, but chronic stress can have an array of negative physiological and psychological effects. Reiki courses and treatments can help to keep stress at bay.

Corporate Solutions - Stress is a huge problem for our workforce in the UK. We offer stress busting workshops for companies incorporating Reiki based interventions.

School Solutions - We offer Reiki treatments for schools, to help children who are experiencing behavioural problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Indulgence Days - If you want to spoil your staff or just get together with some friends for some serious pampering, we offer indulgence days with a range of complementary therapies available.

Press Releases - Our Reiki courses and Reiki treatments have been featured in various publications such as Natural Health and Beauty Magazine, Healthy and Positive Health.

Testimonials - Our students have some great things to say about their experiences on our Reiki courses. Read some of their comments here!

Noticeboard - updates and information about our Reiki work coming soon!

Reiki brochure - Download a pdf brochure about our Reiki courses, treatments and workshops.

Links - We belong to the Reiki Healers and Teachers Society and a number of health directories.

Contact Us - Drop us a line for more information about anything on this website!

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