A Reik Level 1&2 short course (self-healing) is for those who would like to learn how to heal themselves on a physical emotional and spiritual level but do not want to become a practitioner. This course provides all the attunements and symbols of a level 1 &2 course minus the practitioner modules.

A Reiki Level 1&2 short course (practitioner) provides the additional modules if you decide after a self-healing short Reiki course that you want to become a practitioner.

Course details

Self-healing course one day (not certified), practitioner modules one day (certified). Manuals provided
Cost: £200 (self-healing course - no entry requirements) £100 ( follow on practitioner modules)

Syllabus: Self healing course: uses of Reiki and meaning, scientific explanation, Reiki attunements, history, lineage, Reiki ideals, main hand positions, signs of release, active and passive Reiki, Kanji hand positions, 21 day cleansing process, rei healing, self-healing, aura cleansing, two consciousnesses, contra-indications, bio-feedback, Reiki symbols, koto dama, drawing the symbols, giving treatments, foundation Reiki methods, hands on & distant Reiki, 5 attunements.

Practitioner course: seven Reiki levels, magnetic healing, grounding & protection, byosen reikan ho scanning, jakikiri joka ho, contra-indications, law and Reiki healers, bio-feedback, professionalism & treating clients, 10 foundation Reiki methods, beaming, relaxation methods, interview/treatment forms.


After your short Reiki course you will have a deeper understanding of Reiki. You will have acquired theoretical knowledge about various aspects of Reiki such as the the history of Reiki, the founder MIkao Usui and students who brought Reiki to the West. You will have learned about the importance of practicing Reiki correctly. You will have had 5 attunements which connect you to the universal energy allowing you to channel energy for healing purposes. You will have the tools to heal physically and emotionally and understand the cleansing process that takes place on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. By the end of the course you will be able to heal yourself successfully on all levels.

If you decide to undertake the practitioner module you will be qualified to practice and have enough
understanding and awareness of Reiki to use it effectively for yourself and others.

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