A level 3 Reiki course is for Reiki practitioners who would like to increase their healing knowledge and abilities. This Reiki course qualifies the student to Healing Mastership and is superb for practitioners who work or wish to work in clinical environments (such as the NHS) with Reiki healing.

Japanese techniques are included such as: reiji-ho, chiryo and Western techniques such as: rainbow reiki, vortex and problem solving. Maximise your healing potential with level 3.

Course details

This Reiki course is taught over two days, is certified and a Reiki manual is included.

Cost £350 (must have completed level 1&2 Reiki to undertake this course)

Rainbow Reiki, intention & visualisation, emotions vortex, breathing, stress, treating emotional traumas, depression, bereavement, cancer, allergies, healing addictions, headaches, migraines, injured bones, ME & low energy, treating causes of physical illnesses, clients with multiple illnesses, moving pains, negative entity, spirit rescue, psychic attack, schizophrenia, insomnia, goal setting, problem solving, golden frame therapy, Reiki crystal grid, Japanese Reiki techniques , Ryoho Shishon - healing guide.

After your level 3 Reiki course you will have a range of techniques at your disposal for working on a variety of conditions with Reiki. You will have learned more about the importance of intention and visualisation in Reiki, which has been demonstrated via scientific studies. You will be able to use the emotions vortex to effectively remove negative energy from clients and will understand manual techniques for establishing frequencies of energy to use for treating clients. You will understand how to treat clients with more than one illness and will have more involved methods to use for illnesses such as schizophrenia and cancer. You will also have additional techniques you can use to help clients such as goal setting and problem solving methods. You will have an understanding of intuitive Japanese Reiki techniques such as chiryo and will have Mikao Usui's Ryoho Shishon - guide to method of healing that provides hand positions for a variety of illnesses and injuries.

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