A level 2 Reiki course is the next stage in your journey. On this course you will learn how to heal yourself and others on a physical and emotional level, enabling you to work on any condition no matter how serious it is.

Should you choose to practice Reiki this Reiki course qualifies you to be a Reiki practitioner. Traditional Japanese Reiki techniques are included in this Reiki course such as: Koto Dama, Hatsu Rei Ho. This Reiki course can change your life.

Course details

This Reiki course is taught over one day, is certified and a Reiki manual is included.

Cost £170 (must have completed level 1) or £340 for level 1&2 (These are best studied together)

Energy frequency/ amplitude, Reiki Lineage, Reiki ideals, electric/magnetic healing, Reiki symbols, Koto dama, passive Reiki, active Reiki, correct drawing of symbols, ten basic foundation Reiki methods, Japanese Reiki techniques, professionalism with patients, interview forms/ treatment forms, Reiki
method using symbols, giving Reiki treatments, practice Reiki, practice distant Reiki healing, practice beaming Reiki, relaxation methods, 1 attunement and 3 Reiki symbols with this course.


After your level 2 Reiki course you will have a greater understanding of Reiki and using Reiki actively to work on conditions on a physical and emotional/mental level. The attunement will dramatically raise your frequency and enable you to access specific frequencies of energy. You will understand the integral purpose of the Reiki symbols and their respective koto dama and you will understand how these work and how to use them for self healing and healing others. You will understand how to be professional with clients and effectively utilise interview and treatment forms to establish what needs treating and how to best treat the presenting condition(s)/problem(s) in the safest possible way for your clients. You will be able to treat people distantly and use the distance Reiki symbol to heal emotional traumas back in time and understand what measures are necessary to be a professional and competent Reiki practitioner.

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