Pressure and stress seem to be an everyday feature of our modern working lives. Some people rely on stress to boost their motivation levels but chronic stress can not only compromise work performance but damage worker's health and morale.

The 2005/6 survey of self-reported work related illness estimated that around 420,000 people in Britain believed that in 2004/5 work-related stress was at a level that was causing them ill health. Stess is a huge problem but we have some solutions.
corporate solutions for stress

statistics on work related stress

The 2005/6 survey of self-reported work related illness (SWI05/06) suggested that 1 in 6 of all working individuals believed their job to be 'very' or 'extremely' stressful.

SWI05/06 survey suggests that self-reported work related stress, anxiety or depression are responsible for around 10.5 million reported lost working days per annum.

The survey also indicated that incidence of work related stress and related problems in the British population rose between 1995 and 2001/2. Don't let your employees become one of these statistics.

stress busting workshop
This one day stress management workshop for companies will help your employees to be more motivated, productive, healthy, happy and calm. Healthy and happy employees are less likely to take time off work sick and are more likely to perform better at their jobs, as well as having more constructive working relationships.

Our stress management workshop runs from 10am to 5pm and can be taught in your own premises, at myhotel Chelsea in London or at other convenient premises. The workshop runs from 10am to 5pm, costs £150 per person (extra if not in your own premises to cover room hire costs) and can be arranged at a suitable date convenient to all parties. The maximum number of attendees is 20. If you would like us to teach subsequent workshops for other groups this can be arranged. We are happy to accomodate your needs and tailor make your stress management programme if necessary.

on the day at our stress busting stress management workshop
You will be given 5 'reiju empowerments' throughout the day, these are a part of Reiki. They are given by a Reiki Master teacher and lift your energy, raise your vibrational frequency and help to raise your awareness, giving you a greater chance of seeing the 'bigger picture' and thus easing your stress. A number of guided meditations, relaxation and breathing techniques will be taught to empower you to take control of your stress, rather than letting it control you. Visualisations and intentions will be incorporated to help you achieve your full health potential. You will learn vital problem solving techniques to help you maintain a harmonious work, home-life balance and to avoid work getting on top of you.

We also run indulgence days where you can reward your employees for their hard work with a range of holistic therapies.Contact us for further information and a corporate stress management and indulgence days, brochure.

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